Hardwood flooring installed, with radiant in-floor water tubing installed, FULLY insulated R-13 throughout.
Butcher-block counter top, mini fridge with freezer (YES keeps ice cream frozen!), all powered by the sun! Pella vinyl windows, wood paneling can be stained, painted or kept raw 🙂
Mini storage loft over bathroom + entry…bathroom can be removed, I have plenty of flooring to make it “go away” if you want to use as larger yoga studio or in-law suite where you don’t want them to get “too comfortable” 😉
Insulated bathroom with composting toilet (it really works + doesn’t stink!) with wood chip storage…ask me how it works, or go read about it here. Not pictured: shower basin under 3/4″ sub-floor — designed to be like a “wet bath” where the whole bathroom is your “shower” just like in a sailboat 😉

This house is ideally setup to function as any number of things:

  • private home office
  • art / yoga studio
  • that private in-law studio where you don’t want anyone to be “too comfortable”
  • bathroom can be finished or removed (if you want more open space)

Questions? Let me know what you’re thinking or wondering! 🙂



Renogy solar panels
3 100Watt Renogy solar panels…brand new! (upgraded from 2, since I wanted to have plenty of extra power…)
15x17" stainless sink
15×17″ stainless sink, ready to be installed (if you want 😉
Butcherblock Desk/Kitchen area
Butcherblock Desk/Kitchen area ready for whatever project(s) you want to work on, in peace 🙂
2000Watt Renogy pure-site inverter, 4000W max surge…plenty more construction photos available if you’re interested 🙂

About Jeff

About me: Engineer by training, I’m a professional photographer and this is my 2nd tiny house (first one was a 32′), and I’ve worked with contractors so I understand building + finish carpentry.

Questions? Just ask, I have the build process fully documented and I towed “Whidbey” (the name I gave her) 600 mi so I know she’s road-worthy. She weigh in at 3200 pounds so you don’t need a huge truck to tow.

PS if you need land to rent, I may know someone who has some acreage here on the river (relatively cheap, at least the price that was quoted for me 😉 

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